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precutDay 45/60! 15 days to go!
I was asked last week, “What heath benefits have you noticed so far?”
I wish I would have thought about writing this down sooner.



  • Spiritual revelation and boldness!
  • Lots of energy, very focused, skin is more radiant.
  • I didn’t have any health “problems” before, but we are not diagnosed with a problem until it is chronic and advanced. You have seen it, I am sure, when someone is perfectly healthy and then… Well then they aren’t. My plan is to take action toward healing my body BEFORE a doctor tells me I am sick.
  • I haven’t had any flus or colds, tis the season.
  • I had a skin irritation of some sort on my left foot, that is gone.
  • I weighed 140 when I started, I am 124 and have lost 10 inches as of this morning. My BMI is officially “normal.”
  • I am overcoming emotional addictions to food, by simply fasting for 60 days and riding out everyday life without being able to HAVE food.
  • I am sure my body could tell you more that I don’t even know about!