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Wow! DAY 32/60!

I wanted to list my “go to” drinks, for this week at least.  I juice this every day.  Sometimes I make extra, but this is at least what I am drinking every day.  Besides water and some non-caffeinated tea.
Juice A:
carrots oranges sweet potatoes ginger and lemon
Juice B:
kale apple lemon ginger celery cucumber green pepper

Juice C:
beets and beet leaves carrot apple lemon pear

I am not going broke juicing these main ingredients for my day.  Apples carrots and oranges are inexpensive because I get #2’s from a coop.

Ingredient list #s by the day:
10-15 carrots .75 (not coop, $2.99 5lb bag) coop #2 is cheaper
10 apples $3 (not coop, $1.25 – $1.49 each) much less buying #2 from coop
1 large beet .66 (1.99/bunch 3 beets)
beet leaves from 1 bunch of beets (3 beets to a bunch so I don’t have leaves every day, only twice a week)
1 pear  .40 (2.19/lb)
1 sweet potato .50 (1.99/lb)
1-2 bunches of kale (depending how much “green” I want that day) $1.49/bunch
4″ of ginger .10 (3.99/lb)
2 stalks celery .40 ($1.49/lb)
1/2-1 cucumber $1 (1.99/lb)
6 lemons (including lemon for water) $3.99 (3.99 for 2 lbs)
3 oranges $3 ($4.99 for 3lb bag)
1/2 green pepper .75 (1.78/lb)

This is a very loose estimate but fairly accurate I would think.  I spend about $16 for 72oz of juice.  It is recommended in juice books I have read to drink 128oz of juice a day.  72oz feels right for me.  There are some days I drink more but I never drink less than 72oz.  I drink water and caffeine free tea.