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My willpower is buckling tonight.  I have not given in, even for a moment.  But, I had to leave the kitchen.  I decided to grab my juice and post my 29th day blog entry.  I took some pictures of an (optional) morning routine.  This is working for me this week and thought I would share.

Morning Routine Option:

1.  use a juice list that gives you juices for an entire day, including all ingredients and how much it will make

2.  Using a citrus press, squeeze your lemons into each of your jars.  Another option is to peel each lemon and juice them in the juicer.  Not a fun option in my opinion.

3. Prep and rinse all of your fruit and veggies

4.  Peel your citrus and start juicing!

Your entire days juice is ready for the fridge. You don’t have to think about your juicer for the rest of the day! This could take up to 45 minutes or more depending on how much prep you have with your veggies. Those apples were seconds (called horse apples) and ugh! They took a while to cut out the bad stuff.

I hope this helps you get into a routine for good health!