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I learned a little secret today. If I add oranges to my green drinks, I can hardly taste the “green.” They go down a lot easier.

I was able to get some things cleaned and prepped and cooked for Thanksgiving. The mashed potatoes were the hardest. I did not take any bites or tastes. My family did all the taste testing for me. That was not easy. I just kept telling myself, it is only a season and your body is healing. I feel great, I feel healthy, strong, full of energy, just as I am supposed to.

Hot water and lemon
1 Pint kale apple lemon cucumber celery carrots beet
Snack: 8oz apples carrots ginger sweet potato
Lunch: 1 pint kale apple lemon cucumber beets celery carrots
Snack: 8oz apples carrots ginger sweet potato
Dinner: 1 Pint apples sweet potato carrots
Snack: 8oz kale cucumber apple lemon celery carrots beet

Walked 1.25 miles