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In my life this week…
Lots of extra practice this week for Ethan’s Lego competition.
We made 5 dozen cookies for the homeschool Thanksgiving Drive.
Our week was Sunday – Thursday so that we could be off when Dad was home.

In our homeschool this week…
Introduction to Light, Creation of Light
History: Joseph as Ruler in Egypt
Bible: Josph re-uniting with his brothers; Bible in a year; Torah study
Language: Verbs, Paragraphs, Outlining: how-to
Writing: about hurricanes
Reading: Josh – Oliver Twist; Ethan – The Horse and His Boy; Read aloud – The Hobbit
Math: Practice and Review all fraction work, finding the Area of a Triangle
Other: reading comprehension; spelling power; memory work

I am inspired by…
Ethan’s mentor for Lego League.  This is Dakota, he is a great mentor, very encouraging, positive, and quiet.  He does not like acknowledgement, he works quietly behind the scenes a really great guy.

Places we’re going/went and people we’re seeing/saw…
Meeting a friend I haven’t seen in a while on Monday at The Blue Mug
Having family over for Thanksgiving

Thoughts I have…
We learned that our traditions and our holidays that are celebrated by so many around the world are in fact pagan, from pagan gods and pagan idolatry. That they are from Babylon, Egypt, Sumeria, Persia, etc. What now? Our family faced this very question. Do we continue, unmoving and unchanging? Making excuses to ourselves and God? Or do we teshuva (repent with all our being) turn to Yeshua and walk the narrow path?

I heard this song on the radio this morning. Our family has had an amazing journey with Yahweh. Walking with Yeshua in truth and love. Doing Bible things in Bible ways…
A really beautiful song…

Things I am working on…
Follow my journey through a 60 day juice feast!

I’m reading…

Vayetze | ויצא | “He went out “ Torah: Genesis 28:10-32:12; Prophets: Hosea 12:12-14:10; Matthew 3:13-4:11

Recipe to share:
Banana Oatmeal Cups

click on pic to get recipe

I’m grateful for…
The dedication, perseverance, and compassion of Ethan’s Lego team, mentor, and especially their awesome leader, Alison!

I’m praying for…

A few more photos from the Lego competition: