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In order to be more purposeful in keeping a schedule and routine, I began tonight with the obvious.  Write an ideal schedule.  If I were to have a “perfect” day, what does that look like?  Here is what I came up with for the 6 days of “work.”

Ideal Schedule:
5am wake up
Drink hot water and lemon
5:05am prayer and Bible Study
6am start breakfast for Oliver, prep fruits and veggies for a days worth of juice. Keep list on fridge for groceries
6:30-7am shower, Oliver and boys wake up, eat breakfast, juice all meals, start chores, water
8am drink 1st large juice, morning prayer and bible reading with boys
8:30 boys silent reading. Mom and Oliver time, water
9am school starts
10am small juice for snack, Oliver nap, boys snack, water
read aloud
11-12 school unit studies
12 lunch for boys, 2nd large juice, afternoon prayer time
move outside if weather permits, water
1-3 school, small juice for snack, water
3pm Oliver’s second nap, read aloud and unit studies with boys, snack for boys, water
5pm start dinner, 3rd large juice, boys chores, water
6pm dinner and baths/showers, exercise, water
7pm mom and Oliver time
7:30 Oliver bed, read aloud and bible study with boys
8:30 mom time, tea w honey
9:30 shower night-time routine
10pm bed

And it’s 10:30 right now… /sigh