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How often do you juice fast? Is this your longest one so far? How are you doing emotionally? Do you exercise while fasting?  How do you avoid being in the kitchen as much?

This is my second juice fast. I fasted previously, about 6 months ago, for 21 days. Because it was my first fast, I juiced all meals and snacks and ate one raw/vegan meal. This is my longest fast, but by far the easiest. The first time was more difficult because so much of it was a learning curve.
Emotionally it can go either way, some have days of tears when they realize how emotionally attached they are to food and the lack of it causes a real emotional void. This down time happens often in the first week or two. Other days are a complete emotional high where you are on top of the world.
I exercise but I do not over-exert myself. I will walk and do light exercise. But not in the first week.
Honestly, I am in the kitchen a lot during a fast, mostly because I ENJOY cooking for my family when I am fasting. Is that weird? It is hard the first week, after that, my body goes into “juice mode” and my focus is not on food as much as at first, I get less and less interested. I can sit at the table with my family and drink my juice without feeling sorry for myself.

How do you count calories in your juices?

When you juice fruits and veggies you do not count calories from fiber because the fiber is not in the juice.
Apple = 53 calories
Fiber from apple = 2.4
In order to find the calories from the fiber the 2.4 needs to be multiplied by 4.
Fiber calories is 2.4×4 = 9.6
53 -9.6 = 43.4 calories for the apple once it is juiced.

What juicer do you use?

Breville Juice Fountain Plus $149.99

What is the purpose of this “juice fast”, why is it for 2 months, and why are you putting your health in danger with a drinking plan that is under 1200 calories?

I am taking in all the nutrients my body needs. I will not get colon cancer. In fact my “bowel movements” are just fine. I don’t have any issues in that way. I have supplements and options if things aren’t moving along as I like. My calories are mostly above 1000. I have extra juices for snacks. I was giving recipes for 3 meals. I was tracking my meals in order to insure they are above 350 calories. There is plenty of research on this subject for you to look in to. Thanks for your concern.