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I love juicing.  I am glad I didn’t back down when I heard some negatives like, “clean-up stinks” or “the prep takes forever.”  Really, I experience none of these issues.  Clean-up is as easy as cleaning up breakfast or dinner dishes.  It does not take any more time than that.  Unless you have an ancient juicer.   With the newer juicers they will munch down entire apples with ease, prep is minimal.
Yes, indeed, I love my juicer, except
peeling citrus.
Citrus is one fruit that cannot go into the juicer with skin.  So every citrus is peeled.  And I don’t like it much.  Mostly because it takes time.  So, one thing I did to cut back on this citrus stuff is to buy a citrus squeeze for my lemons (and limes) but mostly for my lemons.  I use up to 4 lemons a day in drinks, water, and tea.  For water and tea I would take a spoon and squeeze while twisting the spoon inside half the lemon.  Then I would dig out the seeds, or not if I was feeling lazy.  I didn’t mind the work so much.  Until I was shopping and came across this citrus press for $4.99 at the grocery store.  I couldn’t pass it up, $4.99 was a good price and it was sturdy and seemed well made.  It is the best five bucks I’ve spent, well besides my Chai Tea at The Buzz.  I use it all day any time I need to juice.  Instead of peeling it and using it in the juicer, I just squeeze the lemon into the glass before I pour in the rest of the juice.  A great buy and very handy if you use a lot of lemons and limes!