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Oh my!  I have so much energy.  I am getting so much done right now, I didn’t want to stop to blog tonight.  I had a great idea while taking a shower this morning.  To lift up the boys school table by using pvc pipe under the legs.  Then they would fit better with the tall kitchen chairs we use.  So that started the journey today.  As of 7pm I was waist high in papers, notebooks, and binders.  It is almost 10pm and I am almost finished re-organizing and decluttering our classroom.  I am so glad to get things done around here.  I feel super focused.  I blame all this on my juice, of course.

I have had other bright ideas.  I even took pictures, hehe.

And these two ideas led to my entire classroom turning upside down to be straightened up again.  So, here I go.  I am off.  I have to finish before our school day starts tomorrow!