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I am no longer calling this a fast.  No way!  This is a juice feast.  I am not deprived or starved or any other such words you want to associate with a fast.  I feel great!  I feel full!  In fact, right now, I am just plain stuffed!  No a fast this is not.  A feast is more like it!

A little reminder to juice the rainbow.  It is important to get nutrients from all the fruits and veggies available at your local stores or markets.  This is a typical day of fruits and veggies for me (in the pic)  This is my juice (to start) for tomorrow.   I have carrots, apples, beets, kale, oranges, cucumbers, ginger, lemons, pears, etc.  A wide variety and lots of color.  This is how you know you are drinking a lot of nutrients.


This is a pic of my menu for the last 7 days.  (click on the pic for better picture quality)