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What’s working:
This is tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch.  I am using the juicer twice a day, which is far easier then using it at each meal and snack up to 4 or 5 times a day.  I juice my breakfast and lunch while I am juicing dinner.  I will juice a snack in the afternoon while I am juicing for my kids.  By juicing more than one juice at a time I am saving time and energy.  I was always worried if I juiced and left it in the fridge it would taste awful after a few hours.  But I have found that I can leave a juice up to 24 hours at least and it still tastes just fine.


This is my mom’s fridge.  Her and my step-dad work full-time.  She juices and freezes.  She has no complaints of quality.  Another way to save time and energy while juicing.  There is really no excuse to make juicing work for you.  Get creative and get juicing!