Day 2/60
I am writing this as I lay in bed at 11:30 at night.  I had a restful Shabbat and felt great all day.  I felt tired and had something of a headache around 8pm. I pushed through that and prepared for Joshua’s birthday tomorrow.
One thing I can say about doing a fast of this kind is seeing how often I think about food. How much it controls my day. I find myself going into the kitchen often and for no reason except that is what I normally do. Only to walk back out again. It’s really crazy to see how much of my day is spent going to the kitchen, and sad really. Terrible habits that sabotage weight loss every time. A 60 day fast at least allows for some habits to be curved and changed.
We will have some family over for a birthday party tomorrow. That will be a challenge.
Nothing taste as good as healthy and trim feels!

Morning: 2 apples 3 carrots
Afternoon: 1 sweet potato 2 apples 3 carrots
Dinner: 3 apples 1 bunch kale 1 lemon
Water water water…

I am editing to make sure it is understood I am getting over 1000 calories a day.  I am listing meal juices, however, understand that I also juice snacks like pears and carrots, apple juice, orange juice, etc…