I really wanted a calendar large enough to see the month-at-a-glance without flipping pages in my planner. I decided to make my own.

What you need:
22×28 poster board
yard stick
sticky notes

I started measuring out my line placement. I measured a 1 inch space on the right side of the poster board.  And measured a 1 inch space across the bottom of the poster board.  I measured from the bottom going to the top, every 3.25 inches on the right side making room for 6 rows.  I measured  3.5 inches from right to left across the top, until I had 7 rows.  The larger space on the left side I will use for monthly cleaning reminders.

I added sticky notes where the dates for September 2012 will be.

Not sure why, but I added all the colors of my sticky notes.  It was bright and fun!

A black sharpie (or any color) for the dates on your stickys.

Some finishing touches…

I was very happy with the finished product. What is nice is that those stickys can be taken down and next month I will put up a new batch.