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Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…
I admit my children have done very little in way of book reports.  Getting them to read is a success in and of itself.  So, I haven’t pushed book reports because it always seemed like such a drag and when reading isn’t “fun” to begin with, having to do a book report in the end is sooo not happening.

Well, this year my children are 6th grade and 4th grade.  There is little excuse left for them not doing something in regard to a book report.  Something a little more formal will do them some good.

So, of course, Pinterest was my go to for all things homeschool this year.  I printed some book report task cards from here.   The point is for the boys to be able to “choose” a book report from these cards.  I put together a little game to make it more random and at the same time allow them to still have a choice in what they do.  The directions are to choose 6 cards.  Roll a dice 2x and pick up the card that goes with the number on the dice.  Then they choose one of the 2 that is in front of them.

You can click on the images below for a much larger picture. 🙂