It is interesting that this blog is called “Focus your thoughts.” I can’t seem to “focus” very long with so much going on. My thoughts are in 5 different directions most of the time. I am learning how to can fruit, organizing my classroom for the new school year, planning our homeschool curriculum, celebrating birthdays, and trying not to melt from all this heat!

I wanted to take some time to show you something I saw at a friends house and am implementing in my own home.

This is what the experts call an “Expectation Chart” Using a measuring system, that you will see further into this post, the child’s behavior is measured on this chart with a clothes pin.
Here is the break-down:

  • Using this Expectation Chart as a template, create your chart with your expectations and rewards/consequences.
  • Next print out your chart for each child..  This and a clothes pin is all you need or you can “do it up” a bit.

sheet protector, chart, clothes pin, card stock

I use the card stock only to have a more firm chart.

Put all these together:

  • The clothes pin is used to slide up and down the chart depending on the child’s behavior.

You and your child are always on the same “page.” Same… Page… Get it!  ha ha

May Yahweh bless and keep you and your children…. from another battle over expectations and consequences!