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Do you look forward to your juice in the morning only to end up procrastinating or not drinking at all because the prep was just too daunting?  If you take the time perhaps while dinner is cooking or the kids are brushing their teeth before bed, to cut your veggies for the next day, you may find it easier to get that juice in before 11am!

In this bag:
1 bunch rainbow chard (stems removed)
1/2 lemon (peeled)
1/4 red cabbage
2-3 large apples (or how many you want) I tend to put a lot of apples because I don’t like the “green” drinks so much.

Try it – Plan ahead for tomorrow’s meals tonight before you go to bed.  See if it helps get you off to a better start in the morning!

I was so sure I was ready to start this challenge!  After many days of eating what I want, I am back to complete this challenge.  Because I didn’t get very far the first go-around I will just jump in at day 2 and continue on.  Failure is not an option!