Well it’s that time again where I have lost all control and am back to junk, junk… and did I mention junk?  I keep telling myself each day this will be the day I eat and feel healthy.  Each night I tell myself tomorrow is the day I eat and feel healthy.  Enough is enough.  I have gained 15lbs since the “mommy’s losing it” challenge.  I was doing so well, but all the bad habits crept back in a little here, a little there.  One bite here, one snack there.  I absolutely hate how unhealthy I feel.  It’s not even the weight so much as how sluggish and grumpy I am.   I can feel the sugar, carb, and caffeine addiction taking over to the point where I am making cookies at eight o’clock at night.  Blech!

I have decided to jump-start my clean-eating with a raw food and exercise challenge.

The Guidelines:

  • I will consume only <mostly> raw fruits, veggies, nuts and grains at all times.  I will heat only the veggies that I can’t see myself eating raw… like squash.  If I heat anything I will attempt to keep the temperature below 120 degrees.  I will drink water, fresh juices and smoothies, healthy teas, etc.
  • I will strength train 4 days a week and cardio 5-6 days a week.  The sessions will be as little as 20-30 minutes to as much as 45-60 minutes depending on family priorities.
  • I will stretch using a program called the Esmonde Technique.  I have used this program in the past, it is effective and challenging.  I will stretch each morning 6 days a week.
  • I will track all food and exercise using a “diary page” here on the blog.   The blog will also be used to share information and what I am up to as I feel led.
  • Nothing I am doing is more important than my Spiritual growth.  I will not allow anything I am doing as part of this challenge to interfere with my time alone with ABBA, my family, or helping and spending time with friends.

overall health: I feel sluggish and grumpy. I am unmotivated. I feel irrational and irritable. I am bloated and feel “fat.”
weight: 145lbs
BMI: 27.4 – overweight
muscle tone: can “pinch more than an inch”

overall health: To have energy. To be motivated and fit. To feel an overall sense of good health and well-being.
weight: 120-130lbs
BMI: Normal
muscle tone: can’t “pinch an inch”