It is tradition to read a portion of Proverbs 31 during erev (the eve of) Shabbat dinner. Our family does not read this often, mostly because it is in admiration to “mom” and “wife” and who remembers to do it but the “mom” and wife.” For mom and wife to ask for it to be read just never felt right to me. Never-the-less it’s not about me. It’s about HIM.   Any woman who has spent 10 seconds in Proverbs 31 knows it will always cause a nudge of conviction.

This is one of my Shabbats where DH is unable to be home with us. In honor of my love, I wanted to write a little something to remind me of ways to make him feel loved every day.

  1. Have a song? Dance with him.
  2. Make popcorn and watch the movie you first saw together
  3. Flirt!
  4. Wear his favorite things: perfume, clothes, etc
  5. Did you have a nice time with him? Leave a “thank you” note and tell him what you enjoyed most.
  6. Tidy up the house before he gets home. And check yourself also!
  7. Wait at least 30 minutes when he gets home from work, before telling him about your day
  8. Lay out his things, so he doesn’t have to think about it
  9. Overtime? Leave a steamy letter on his car while he is at work, telling him where to meet you.
  10. Buy his favorite snacks and put his name on them so they are “special” and no one else will touch them
  11. Take him away to his favorite place
  12. Make an effort to go to bed feeling sexy as often as possible
  13. Cook his favorite meal from app to desert on a week day
  14. Love what he loves, take time to learn the hobbies that he finds interesting so that you are available to spend time with him when he asks
  15. Rub his feet and back after a long day or before one starts
  16. Set out his Bible and a cup of coffee or tea each morning
  17. Write down one thing you love about him each day and leave it for him with his coffee
  18. Learn to read him, and know when to encourage him to spend some time alone  Or with friends without any repercussions from you
  19. Never! talk negative about him to your children or friends!
  20. Don’t always wait to be “chased.” Do the chasin’ once in a while

I challenge you to join me in silently loving your husband every day!
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