I didn’t think anything of this story when I had heard it.  However, then some friends on FB mentioned it was in the town of Herald, California.  OK, now I am interested…

Millions of Locusts descend on Californian town of Biblical proportions! (June 14, 2012)

SACRAMENTO COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) — In the Central Valley a problem has risen that is as unpleasant as it is destructive. Locusts have come by the millions and descended on the small town of Herald, about half an hour outside Sacramento.

“It’s not funny anymore… it’s eating everything that I own and I’m not happy”

And they are hungry. We saw them munching on the peaches, there was nothing left of the hot peppers on Campbell’s farm and they were even trying to eat the sign for the hot pepper row. They were also working on the rose bushes, which were in full bloom until the unwanted visitors came and stayed.

“They’re called ‘The Destroyer.’ Oh, very appropriate name,” said Campbell.
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to announce or be a sign of
A sharp wind often heralds a storm.