The 49 days from the feast of Unleavened Bread to Shavuot on the 50th day is called the Feast of Weeks.  We literally count 50 days as the Torah commands in Leviticus 23:16.  We read Psalms every day.  It is a time of “spiritual audit.”  To look at our relationship with ABBA and each other.   Where have we “missed the mark?”  Are we honoring Him.  Is His Name Holy and set apart in our lives and in our home.  Are our relationships honoring and pleasing to Him?  Each has their own journey and their own reflection.  We come together in unity on the 50th day to celebrate the giving of the Torah and the Spirit.  Praise you, ABBA!  Below are just a couple pics from our SHAVUOT 2012.  What an awesome day!  And we got to hear from Rico Cortes, an amazing Torah teacher!

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