Yeshua said, “When you see these things, look up and know your redemption is near!

I am in the middle of this video and had to stop it in order to open my blog and get a post started.  This video is all about the signs in the heavens.  It is significent because he is specificly talking about the past feasts of 2011 and the coming feasts of 2012 and the signs in the heavens.  It is very well done, very long, and amazing!  I don’t expect all of you reading this to want to push the play button.  I do want to emphasize some conclusions from his teaching.  I am simply going to highlight them and if you want further information, by all means push play!  In saying his, I want to make clear not to judge anything, if you are not going to watch the video.

Here is a link to the video:

A “watchman” message

Notes from the message:

Looking up from April 1 – May 27 2012

  • immediately before Passover 2012, Yeshua comes to his seven congregations to inspect them – the letters to the 7 congregations of Revelation are His concerns
      • a private meeting, a private inspection, a call to repentence
      • specific scripture to look at:
          • Joseph meeting with his brothers in Genesis … remember he put the Egyptians out as he talked with his brothers.
          • Revelation chapter 2-3 (the letters to the 7 churches) …. each letter ends with “those who have ears let them hear what the Spirit is saying”
  • His inspection is whether we will keep the feast of Unleavened breadthis year without leaven as a truly set-apart people and a virtuous faithful bride to be
      • is our relationship with him pure?
      • specific scripture to look at:
          • Exodus 12:15 & 19
  • His inspection includes inspecting our fidelity through the counting of the omer if we will faithfully come to Shavuot
      • the bride comes through the feast of Unleavened Bread keeping herself pure coming faithfully to Shavuot
  • At Shavuot He stands between the horns of the Bull – the judgement of rebellion that caused Him to scatter His people into the exile to the four corners of the earth
  • At Shavuot He appears to be making another judgement prophesied in Ezekiel 20:35-37 which will result in the purging out of the rebels(those who transgress against His commandments of the Divine Law of YHVH
      • Ezekiel 20:34-38
      • Matthew 7:21-23
      • Hosea 1:9
      • HOPE FOUND Hosea 1:10

Heavenly “Great Wonder” Signs of 2011

  • Sept 30, 2011 – Yom Teruah
      • Revelation 12:1-2 : a sign in the heavens of a woman travailing in birth
  • The Heavenly “Wonder” sign Points to
      • Micah 5:2-3 when the remnant shall return (the end of the exile)
      • Isaiah 26:17-21 go into your chambers (going into Goshen – “safeguarding”)
      • 1Thessalonians 5:1-4 the time of sudden destruction
      • John 16:19-23 we will see Yeshua again!

There is so much more within the video… but this is a major part of it.