There is no better Purim resource then a Bible.  Read the book of Esther

Messiah in Purim Resource from Heart of Wisdom

The Resurrection

heisrisenThe picture of the three-day resurrection is shown. Esther fasted for three days, and on the third day she arose to go before the king.

The Christian New Life

Resurrection SundayThe story of Esther is a depiction of a Christian’s walk in a new life. Exposing Haman is symbolic of exposing sin. The new decree triumphs. The old decree symbolizes Jesus triumphing over the law of sin and death. Once Haman (sin, flesh) was put to death, Mordecai (Holy Spirit) is given unlimited command.


Crossing the Red SeaThe Jews were again delivered on the seventeenth of Nisan—Firstfruits—the same day that deliverance for the Israelites in Egypt began, and the same day Jesus arose!

Celebration ideas

  • read the entire book of Esther
  • pray for the Jewish people, remembering the hand of Abba in their lives
  • give to the poor
  • bake treats to give to neighbors and friends
  • put on a Purim play with friends or as a family (complete with boos and cheers for Haman and Mordecai)
  • make masks to wear


 Video Teaching

I watched this teaching last night by Jim Staley at Passion for Truth Ministries.  This should be posted with the above Messiah in Purim.  Excellent connections to Yeshua and the hand of Abba in this teaching.  I was blown away! Here it is.

Watch One Night with the King:

For the kids: Lego Purim