It has taken me so long to write this “day 21” post.  I know I am ready to end the “mommy’s losing it” blog posts, but have been trying to figure out how.  I have learned a lot while on this “partial” fast.  I say “partial” because, I did not only juice.  Because it was my first time, I still ate raw.  Most of my nutrients came from juice.  For several days I only juiced, but not long enough to call it a strict juice fast.    All other days I ate at least one salad.  I did not eat anything cooked.  My body was still able to detox, and I feel great!

I will be doing more strict juice fasts in the future.  This experience was very positive and, honestly, a lot of fun.  I was able to break any food addictions, including sugar, caffeine, starches, etc.  I did not feel cravings or hunger.  The juice was very satisfying.  That is not to say everyone will experience the same thing.  I am only giving my account, I believe everyone’s body is treated differently so everyone’s experience will be different.

I will continue to juice several times a day.  I like knowing I am getting so many nutrients and am doing something so healthy.  I simply love the way I feel.

I recommend reading lots of books on the subject and scouring the internet for information.  Obviously, if you have any health problems or are concerned in the least, consult a physician.  Preferably one who is in favor of juicing.

I wanted to post one last detox recipe for a friend (and an excellent resource): (click the pic)