I was so excited to shop today.  I spent lots of time going through cupboards and the fridge yesterday.  Taking mental inventory of what I had on hand.  I made my meal plans and grocery list using the store ads online at King Soopers and Sprouts.  Shopping on Wednesdays is most beneficial for Sprouts due to their “double add Wednesdays”  So Wednesday has become the official errand day.  We start at King Soopers then head on over to Sprouts and last into Evans to a friends for eggs.  We have saved a lot of money by cutting back on milk, eggs, coffee milk, butter, etc.

I spent $200 today and the majority of that was fruit and vegetables.  I pick up just enough chicken to get through the 2 meals.  If I happen to see a great sale I will buy more.  We purchased meat from a friend last November.  I will not go back to the store again this week.  I have everything to last until next Wednesday.

Here is our menu for this week.  I will follow up with some recipes over the next day or two.  It’s been hard to post so often… Scott is helping watch the baby while I spend a few minutes each night updating the blog.



Here is my lists as well…

King Soopers


Oh!  I am down 10lbs

That’s 10 of these…