I spent some time getting a 7 day breakfast lunch dinner snack menu planned.  Two hours later, I had created two menus.  One for the kiddos and one for me.  Scott fits in there somewhere between all of us.  He will most likely eat the kids menu at the moment.  Until we get our juicer.  We are purchasing the Breville Juice Fountain Plus.  I can’t wait!

So I thought I would share our menu plan for the next seven days.  I will share recipes as I make them.

kids and hubby

mom’s menu (breakfast: bb = blueberries sb = strawberries and rb = raspberries)

Lot’s and lot’s of kitchen prep but I think it is worth it.  To have such healthy meals and snacks available to us and for us to enjoy is important.  I had to take some time to convince Joshua to give up his boxed mac n cheese.  We compromised with grilled cheese and carrots.  Not bad!