All raw all the time!

It is so amazing how God has designed our bodies.  If we give our body what it needs, it WILL heal itself!

Day 2 notes:

I do not have any motivation to work out yet.  Hopefully soon!

Breakfast was 6 carrots 4 oranges still one of my faves.

At about 11 my most favorite deink 4 carrots, 5 apples, 20 strawberries with a handful of back raspberries. This definately goes down easy!

Lots of water to try to help my headache

A headache plagued much of my afternoon. I finally relented and took 3 tylenol.

At about 3 pm I choked down some green juice. Still haven’t been able to make a good green juice yet. Holding my nose worked. 8oz

For dinner I had a green salad w veggies and oil/vinegar dressing. Never tasted so good! Loved every bite!

I am going to go all raw for the next 30-60 days. Nothing cooked. I have some recipes on Pinterest if you are interested take some time and check it out 🙂