Here we go!

Weighed in 148lbs


Delicious morning juice 4 carrots and 2 peeled oranges
I was so happy my juice was so good! My biggest worry was not being able to stand my juice. Both boys had a sip and begged for more.

Snack was an attempt at green juice. Not sure if it is me or my juicer… but the spinach was not juiced well. Had 2.5 cups spinach, 2 peeled kiwi, 1 green apple, 1/2 peeled lime. This was very strong, I’m pretty sure it was the lime that made it so powerful. Still, I was able to drink it.

Lunch was not so successful. I tried a green juice with much “green” in it. I didn’t like it but I don’t think it was because of the juice… I don’t think the juicer was able to juice all the greens. But that is ok.. I was was able to make up for it with a different drink.

One thing that struck me this afternoon was how difficult it was to not think about food. I was in the middle of a Bible study and read something that I needed to “chew” on. Usually when this happens, I literally get up and go to the kitchen. I did just that. I stood in the kitchen and asked myself what the heck I was doing? I grabbed a glass of water and went back to my study. New habits!

Dinner was carrots and apples… good juice but not as delicious as carrots and oranges.

All together I made about 52oz of juice today. I didn’t drink as much water, maybe 24oz.

I felt good all day, but know that my body has not realized what is going on. I am sure the hardest is yet to come.
Early to bed!