Like most, I am obsessed with health and diet.  This obsession started early, around 15 or so. Throughout this time I have worked out upwards of 6 days a week.  I have done my best to “shop smart,” whatever that means.  I am guilty of most health no no’s including smoking, drinking, eating raw cookie dough, and consuming a full family size bag of M&M’s.  The smoking and drinking were easy for me to give up because unlike sugar, caffeine and the rest, smoking and drinking are “frowned upon” in a lot of circles I frequent. :)  Sugar, caffeine, and meat are not considered bad by most.  Or at least are acceptable pleasures of life.  People don’t expect others, including themselves, to be able to say no to such temptations as soda, donuts, chips, cookies, and a 5lb steak.  Yet, how dare you look at porn, smoke, or binge drink!  WHAT!?  This has always been absurd to me. Never the less, it is what it is.  However, I don’t have to continue down this path myself.  I can choose, yet again, to take a more narrow path.  And this is where my journey begins…

Our family recently watched several documentaries on food and health.  A friend recommended Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.  We followed that with Forks and Knives, The Gerson Miracle, The Beautiful Truth, Food Inc, and Ingredients.  

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead follows the life of two men who are… well… fat sick and nearly dead.  It is a real eye opener.  Seeing these two men heal themselves literally from the inside out, was amazing.  Being able to completely heal their bodies without one pill, going to the doctor only for blood work, so awesome.

I will begin this cleanse right away.  I wasn’t expecting my DH to join, but he told me to make sure I buy enough fruits and veggies for him also. So I will attempt to record our journey.  I love having my best friend along for the ride!


Current Stats

  • age – 31
  • height – 5ft 1inch
  • weight – 148
  • BMI 28 – overweight
  • chronic illness – no
  • medication – no
  • goals
      • lose 28lbs
      • high energy
      • fitness
      • clear mind
  • age – 41
  • height – 6ft 2inch
  • weight – 175
  • BMI 22 – normal
  • chronic illness – no (feels constant fatigue)
  • medication – no
  • goals
      • high energy
      • clear mind