January 11, 2012

Outside my window the wind blew in a gray sky and a cold day!

I am thinking about the days off with my husband.  Working eight days in a row is hard on him… and not so fun for me.  We always get through it just fine but it is so nice to have a couple days off together.

I am thankful for all the help my boys are to me.  Ethan helps with all the chores around the house, big or small.  He shovels, picks up dog poo… you name it and he will get it done.  Joshua is such a loving, caring older brother to Oliver.  He holds him and talks to him and makes him laugh.

In the kitchen I am organizing and cleaning the cabinets and drawers.  And trying to stay out of the freezer.  Hubby brought home some peanut m&m’s and put them in the freezer… yikes!

I am wearing sweat pants and an old shirt… seems that is my dress code these days 😦

I am creating space.  I need more space around here.  Everything is cluttered it seems.  No matter how many times I declutter and clean there is always more to do.  Job security?  ><

I am going swimming on Friday!  I can’t wait!

I am wondering how many laps will I be able to swim?  It has been so long!

I am reading the book of James.  I am beginning a Bible study on Friday.  Also reading Exodus chapter 1-4 this week.

I am hoping for snow!  I am tired of looking at the dry earth outside. 

I am looking forward to Erev Shabbat on Friday.  Can’t wait to see everyone again.

I am learning portion control, healthy habits, and how to stay motivated!

Around the house every room needs help.  A little bit every day.  It’s not dirty.. just stuff and more stuff… sick of the stuff!

A favorite quote for today “No matter how slow you go you are still lapping everybody on the couch”

One of my favorite things


A few plans for the rest of the week:  Taekwondo with boys on Thursday… Bible study, swimming, and erev Shabbat fellowship on Friday… Fellowship on Shabbat (Saturday)