Miketz“At the end”

B’resheet (Genesis) 41:1-44:17

Blessed are you, O’ LORD, our God, King of the Universe,
you have selected us from among all the peoples,
and have given us your Torah.
Blessed are you, LORD, giver of the Torah. Amen

Famine of the Word

One of the first posts when I started this blog was Sower, Seeds, and the heart of Yah.  I was writing about specific words found in Scripture that reveal a deeper meaning.  One of the words that I often see as though it were in bold print as I read is the word FAMINE.

The dreams of Pharaoh are interpreted by Joseph as seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine.  This is important not just for Joseph and his immediate family and their needs during this time.  It is important for us to see this deeper meaning and to understand.  What happens in Egypt is cyclical.  It has a direct meaning to our life.

First look at the meaning of this weeks parsha.  Miketz means “at the end.”  As I began reading chapter 41 that begins this weeks parashah I quickly remembered, “famine”.  And now with this new understanding of Torah and the weekly readings through the portions I know this weeks reading is “Miketz”  This opens up a whole new perspective.  Praise Yah!

Miketz“at the end”

Look! The days are coming,” declares the Lord GOD, “when I will send a famine throughout the land–not a famine of food or a thirst for water–but rather a famine of hearing the words of the LORD. (Amos 8:11)

I submit to you that this account in Genesis 41 is not only history but future.  It is prophetic to what we just may see in our lifetime.  I would say if not some of our lives, our children for sure!

Among many gifts and advantages to his place of honor, Pharaoh changes Joseph’s name to Zaphenath-paneah (ch41v45) meaning “preserver of life

Some of the thoughts brought to mind as I studied were from Amos 8:11  I see the years of abundance in the Word of Yah.  Years of plenty.  Where those storing up the treasure of His Word are seeing the abundance from the Word. Will those who are feasting on the Word of Yah be those who are the “preservers of life” soon?

And even while there is so much of the Word understood and lives are being changed.  There are still those who have yet to see the full heart of YHVH.  To live a full life of obedience.  There are still those searching and are so hungry for the Word, and not finding any substance.  It says in 41:54 that when the famine came people cried out for bread.  Pharaoh sent them to Joseph.

Joseph was quickly promoted to second in command to Pharaoh.  No small matter.  Josephs life is a shadow of the life of Yeshua.  We see a great significance in the life of Joseph and the direct connections to the life of Yeshua.  I wish I was able to write about all I learned last week and this week. (Perhaps I still will) There are over 100 thematic connections between Joseph and Yeshua!  Amazing!  Sitting just under Pharaoh is a picture of where Yeshua is today.  At the right hand of Yah!  High Priest interceding on our behalf.

Some attributes of Joseph

    • discerning and wise (41:33)
    • fears God (41:55-57)
    • prepares and works diligently (42:18)
    • preserver of life (43:18)

Then the tempter came. ‘Since you are the Son of God,’ he said, ‘tell these stones to become loaves of bread.’ But he answered, ‘It is written, ‘One must not live on bread alone, but on every word coming out of the mouth of God(Matthew 4:3-4)

Another interesting parallel that is made in this parsha is the connection between last weeks cupbearer and baker.  They represent the two men on either side of Yeshua as he is on the stake.  One is told he will live.  The other dies with his sins.  The cupbearer is told he will live.  The baker is told he will die.  It then takes TWO YEARS before Joseph is remembered.  2000 YEARS before the return of our Messiah!  Amazing!  Just another of so many parallels in the life of Joseph and the life of Yeshua!

Blessed are you, O’ LORD, our God, King of the Universe,
you have selected us from among all the peoples,
and have given us your Torah.
Blessed are you, LORD, giver of the Torah. Amen