God’s plan works no matter our circumstances.  God will have His way with us whether or not our circumstances are a perfect fit for His plan.  He calls us out, and brings us to Him in many ways and at many times throughout our lives.  Not one of us should ever say, “Yes, I have made it.  I am at the Promise Land of YHVH.”  We have never “arrived” till we have arrived.  When YHVH calls, what is at one time a “safe haven” begins to feel more like bondage.  We see this in His Word.  Egypt was, at one time, a place of refuge, a place of plenty for Israel.   We see Abraham, Isaac, and even Joseph, tho he wasn’t exactly planning to go to Egypt, ultimately he saw God’s plan for him in Egypt.  For many years the Israelites lived in safety and prosperity.  Until the place of safety and security became a place of bondage and slavery in order for God to work all things out for His purpose.  God is a God of purpose and what is in His Word is not for history’s sake only, but to show us that we are a part of that plan.

God has a specific language, a specific pattern, specific instructions.  His way is cyclical not linear…  What happened before will happen again, you see it throughout God’s Word.  And so, just as in Scripture the Israelites experienced bondage from the same place they experienced safety it has happened throughout history.  Egypt has been a place of safety then a threat throughout history.  Keep a close eye on this, because Egypt will soon be a threat to Israel again.  There is a spiritual look to this as well.  We are grafted in to this promise of God, to the covenant spoken many years ago and so it is this spiritual bondage that is true in our lives as well.

As I look back I see this “pattern of Egypt” in my life.  I have been called out of many places, many times.   I am in the middle of this time once again.  Over the years I have prayed more for two things than anything else.  I have always prayed for truth, and to not be deceived.  I have wanted truth above all things.  I believe that God is truth.  All truth comes from Him.

What is the opposite of truth?  Lies.  Lies are everywhere.  Not blatant, but subtle.  Lies are scary because you don’t recognize them right away.  See, you need to know the truth before you can recognize the lie.  The Author of Lies is very good at mixing truth into the lie which makes it that much harder to see it for what it is.  This is why lies are so comfortable to hang on to.  “Lie” is a strong word, and I acknowledge that.  But there is no gray area in my life.  I grew up with “white lies”  The lie that is “not really a lie”  because it can be rationalized to be good for one reason or another.  It is either truth or it isn’t.  It really is that simple.  I don’t dwell in the gray area, and if I ever am then I am doing something wrong.

For whatever reason, He has called me to embrace His truth in a very different way then I have in the past.  I have had to let go of things that have meant a lot to me.  Things that mean a lot to just about everyone around me.  Thankfully he is calling our family, and I am not alone in that respect.  I am coming along side my husband, who has embraced the journey as I have.

This blog is an outlet.  It allows me to share with those who want to listen.  I am able to put things here that mean a lot to me.  You are able to click or not click.  I pray that as you see things, perhaps from a different perspective then you have in the past, that you will test all things and take time to search them out for yourself.  I don’t know how else to share.  I don’t know who wants to listen.  This is the way that seems right, right now.