“Betrothal is a topic that is near and dear to our hearts. It is a simple and beautifully old fashioned way of approaching marriage. And we are finding that the concept is taking hold in families and young adults who want so much more out of marriage that what they see in today’s culture. They are going back to the “old ways” simply because they are better! We are encouraging our children in this direction/method of the marriage process. We hope that they too, will see the beauty, wisdom and quality it will implact in their marriage and family right from the start. We have known for a long time that we wanted so much more for our children then we had, growing up in secular families. We are very well aware of the very sad marriage statistics in churches and hope for so much more for the future of our children. As a result, we became committed to learn what a Biblical model of marriage would look like. We want to raise our children with the values of being pure upon entering marriage, but saw SO many contradictions in dating…and even some issues in the alternative called “courting”. We were so encouraged, a few years ago, when we became friends with a beautiful family, that opened our eyes to the concept of Betrothal. {It was no coincidence that this happened shortly after Yah (God) had been showing us independently about the amazing story and patterns He has weaved through all of His Scriptures from Gen. to Rev. about US being HIS bride. More on that topic to come in a future post! So we were already so aware of it’s Scriptural basis – before we even thought about practicing it!} But our friends, were several steps ahead of us in that understanding and were applying these same principals in their understanding of marriage! They made a video documenting their firstborn son’s experience. In the process, we were blessed to become friends of the bride’s family as well and were present at the wedding filmed here. Since then, we have (and are) witnessing about 7 other young couples walk this process of marriage out as well. It is so beautiful and we are blessed to witness families of all ages embracing this beautiful way of starting a family in purity, commitment, and putting YHVH (God) at very center of it all- even BEFORE they come together in union. I am going to start sharing more on this topic here on my blog, as a witness to those families that have gone before us. I hope to share more of our understanding of betrothal and it’s many variations and it’s core features. I hope to share testimonies and stories of young couples who have made this choice in recent years to encourage and hopefully open the eyes of other families…as mine have been – as to what a beautiful option this is!”

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