We are not held accountable for the lies we believe, we are held accountable for the truths that we have rejected

There is a man who, from childhood, was taught that tying your left shoe before your right is a great way to honor and love your Maker. All his life he honored God this way.  His mother and father honored God this way.  All his friends, everyone at church.  He never saw it anywhere in his Bible, to do it this way, but the whole world does it, certainly it is the right way!  

He continues faithfully doing this until one day a man approaches and says, “What are you doing tying your left shoe before your right? Don’t you know it is an abomination to God to bow down to idols?”

He is in shock! The poor man defends himself saying, “I had no idea, surely God knows my heart!” The person says, “Indeed He knows your heart. However, God cannot deny who He is!  Your God is a jealous God and will not share you with another! Repent from your sin, even the unwillful sin!  Worship your Creator the way he wants to be worshiped!”

The man goes home, he realizes how hard it would be to stop.  He knows everyone will ask him questions, certainly they will judge him!  “This is the way my church ties their shoes and my mother and grandmother tie their shoes, all my friends tie their shoes this way, even those who do not know God tie their shoes this way!  What will they think of me if I stop?  I am sure God knows I mean only good for HIM.  I must continue to do this!  I will just be sure God knows my heart!”  

Indeed.  God has seen his heart.