Scott and I had watched this video some weeks ago… This morning, Scott mentioned him.  I realized this video had a real impact on him and myself.  Thought I would post…

I have come to admire his courage and strength for standing for his beliefs even if it means going against the majority.




As I watch this again, it reminds me of this quote….

In other words, one of the functions of the law was to lead us to Messiah in order to be liberated from sin. Our disobedience to the law drives us to Messiah and to freedom and liberty from sin through him. We were once imprisoned on death row because of our transgressions against the law. But now, the law has led us to Messiah and liberty. Once we are free from sin, Messiah then drives us back to obedience to the law through faith. We become doers of the word, or as Paul says, “doers of the law”, and not hearers only