I attended a prayer seminar this weekend.  A friend said, “LORD, let this be life-changing not day-changing.”  I agree!  How many times do I attend seminars and conferences and such, the day being so wonderful and so many things are put on my heart only to leave it all at the door as I enter my home.  In honor of my dear friend, I have meditated on that prayer seminar and have taken away some life-changing thoughts and attitudes.

I first recognize how completely lacking my prayer life is.  I try to rationalize that my prayer life is just fine I am “a walking prayer.”  I talk with Yeshua all day long.  While this may be true, I understand that talking with YHWH all through my day is not the same as being on my knees before Him, giving Him my total and complete devotion and thought.

thoughts in action: so I will be on my knees before my Creator every day!  Literally on my knees before Him.  Giving Him my complete attention.  My children will know, “Mom is on her knees, leave her be on her knees.”

James 4:6 was brought to my attention more than once.  I remember hearing a teacher say, “If God says it once it is important, hear it twice and you better pay attention.” (or something like that)  James 4:6 says, But He gives a greater grace. Therefore it says, “God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”  I was reminded of the importance of humility and how much pride is in my heart.

thoughts in action: I will meditate on James 4:6.  Memorizing this scripture so that the Ruach Hakadosh (Holy Spirit) can use it in my life.

Esther waited three days!  What a concept!  Ok, let me explain.  Esther’s uncle, Mordecai wanted her to go to her husband the king and plead with him to stop the slaughter of  the Jewish people.  For Esther to go to her husband could mean her death.   We all know the story… I am butchering it so go read Esther… anyway, in the end Esther would go to her husband.  However, she would not do anything until she had fasted and prayed for three days.  Fasted and prayed for three days.  Do you know how many times I overwhelm my husband or kids with my new-found “revelations and insights!?”  /sigh

thoughts in action:  I am going to befriend Esther.  I will fast and pray and wait 3 days before going to my family.  No really, I will.   *On a side note there is actually a feast day in honor of Queen Esther.  It is called the Feast of Esther and it teaches about God when we can’t see Him.  There is fasting and prayer involved… I wonder if it lasts three days?  I’ll find out…

And last but not least I learned something very valuable.  I learned how to pray scripture.  Sure I have heard people do this before, but not in this way.  This was very neat.  We read a verse and simply prayed about it.  If we couldn’t really think of something we simply said, “Father I agree.”  Or perhaps one could say, “I have no idea what you are talking about, speak a bit louder LORD.”  /smile

So… life-changing?  Yes, I believe so.  Praise YHWH!